Marc Boom

Creative Photographer & Designer

A creative & fine art photographer from Amsterdam, who loves people, places and things.

Born into a family of photographers, painters and musicians, I too have the desire to create art. Having explored music and graphic design, it is photography that gave me the ability to create what I imagine.

My works are an inventory of life. They are a passionate fusion of people, objects, and inventions of the mind. They are improvisational stories constructed to question connections and the familiar. Relying on desires for intimacy, beauty, seduction, and relation to self, I create works of fictionalized history and fantasy that are often centered in medieval and Victorian themes.

I use natural and person-made surroundings to rearrange understanding and illuminate existence. In collaboration with subject, space, and creatives in other mediums, I am inspired to construct the unseen and reconceptualize the known. This has led me to begin reimagining Van Gogh’s famous paintings as contemporary photographs. When photographing I embrace the freedom to erase the boundaries between illusion and truth and this provides the safety and provocation required for learning to see the world with the eyes of another.

My work invites the viewer to let go of the known, explore assumptions and dares them to use their imagination, consider alternatives, and to believe that one can make possible what others think is impossible.

Curious how the Vincent van Gogh portrait photos are made? See this video.

Enneagram Institute, Willem Jan van de Wetering, NAU Uitgevers, Open Circles Academy, NEXT Company, Fysionair, Blok’s Restaurant, Honig Coaching

Portraits, Fine Art portraiture, Location portraits